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Dental Assisting (C) Certificate

Purpose Statement

The Dental Assisting Program is competency-based and will teach the appropriate skills, knowledge and perspectives needed to succeed within the dental assisting field. Students will be given the opportunity to attain competence in oral and written communications as well as skills specific to the workplace.

The 40-credit-hour curriculum prepares students to become registered dental assistants which, as of September 2006, is required to work as a dental assistant in the state of Texas.

Program of Study
Course Subject Course Title Credit Hours
First Semester
DNTA 1305 Dental Radiology I 3
DNTA 1311 Dental Science 3
DNTA 1315 Chairside Assisting 3
DNTA 1401 Dental Materials 4
SPCH 1318 Interpersonal Communication 3
Total Hours: 16
Second Semester
DNTA 1241 Dental Laboratory Procedures 2
DNTA 1245 Preventive Dentistry 2
DNTA 1249 Dental Radiology in the Clinic 2
DNTA 1251 Dental Office Management 2
DNTA 1353 Dental Assisting Applications 3
DNTA 1660 Clinical I-Dental Assistant 6
Total Hours: 17
Summer Semester 1
ENGL 1301 Composition I 3
Total Hours: 3
Summer Semester 2
DNTA 2461 Clinical II-Dental Assistant 4
Total Hours: 4
Grand Total: 40

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