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Program Description

Begin your career today in the construction and welding fields!

Construction Technology Certificate

The construction program offers training in blueprint reading, construction methods and materials, mechanical, plumbing, electrical systems, building codes, inspections, estimating, safety and health.

Students will be able to work in a commercial, residential, and industrial environment upon completion of the construction technology certificate.

Basic Welding Certificate (completed in one semester)

Welding Technology Certificate (completed in two semesters)

Do you like working with your hands, creating objects from metal? Our welding program will help you acquire skills needed to provide you with welding training and increase your current welding abilities that will lead to a rewarding field. Upon completion of this program students will be able to utilize their skills and knowledge to work in shipyards, fabrication shops, and many industrial settings.

Students will learn techniques such as oxyacetylene cutting, arc welding (SMAW), heliarc (TIG), and gas metal arc (MIG) welding. Our courses will show you how to work with different types of metals. The program includes safety, blueprint reading, layout, inspection, materials, fabrication, and processing industrial welding practices.

Join us today by enrolling in our program!