OU Login

LSC-O Systems Access

PLEASE READ –Changes to Digital Information Resources

LSC-O has transitioned the method for accessing courses from D2L to Blackboard.

NetID@my.lsco.edu/Password - for students
NetID@lsco.edu/Password – for faculty and staff

  • your NetID and default password (credentials) can be retrieved by following the prompts located on the following web page:

    NetID/Password Retrieval

  • Password Processes
  • these credentials are used to access the online course materials in the Blackboard system
  • faculty and staff will use this set of credentials to access their current/existing Microsoft Exchange email using the following link: https://cas.lsco.edu/owa or by accessing the faculty staff email link located in the employee channel within Blackboard
  • students use the credentials to access Microsoft Office 365 (email and other resources)
  • students/faculty/staff use these credentials to access campus PC’s, campus network, and to access licensed digital library resources

Campus ID/PIN

  • are entered to access self-service banner (registrations, grades, etc)  and mobile app (grades, notifications, personal class schedule etc.), and Touchnet payment system
  • your PIN is initially assigned as your date of birth in the format MMDDYY, with the last YY being the last two digits of a four digit year (ie. 81 if birth year is 1981)
  • Beginning on January 28, 2015, you will be required to change your PIN prior to first login.  Follow the prompts beginning on the web page - https://lscossbprod.lsco.edu:9200/rgdb/twbkwbis.P_WWWLogin