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Long Distance Dialing Procedures

This procedure should be followed to make a long distance call that is outside of the Southwestern Bell local plus calling area.

Enter the numbers on the keypad of the telephone:

1). 376

2). unique LSCO provided number

3). 9

4). 1 - for direct dialed long distance calls


0 - for directory assisted long distance calls


the 1-800 number of your calling card company. Follow the appropriate steps for each calling card provider (ie. step 5 will not be necessary).

AT&T carrier - 1-800-CALL-ATT
SWBT carrier - 1-800-522-2020

5). Area code and seven digit number you are calling

Example: If you were trying to dial this number you would lift handset and dial numbers in one continuous stream. The number used in the example is not a valid number.

376 #****# 9 1 713 1234567

376 Constant number indicating LSCO=s trunk group

#****# unique LSCO provided pin number (example)

9 indicates number outside of LSCO's private business

1 exchange

713 Area code

1234567 Seven digit number