LSC-O to begin offering College Success Initiative course Spring 2012


Lamar State College-Orange provides an exciting opportunity for ALL new students: the “Invest N U” program.

At some point most students learn the skills they need to be successful in college; however, some waste a lot of time and money getting there. Some never learn it and never complete their educations.  The Faculty and Staff at LSC-O decided to design a course that could jump-start students in acquiring the skills needed to be successful and productive as high-performance students at the very beginning of their new college careers.  

The result is the College Success Initiative or CSI. It is all of the things we wish we had known from the start!

Beginning in Jan. 2012, all first-time college students will be registered into a new eight-week crash-course in the skills needed to be High-performance learners.  We will cover the things that students need to know right away, instead of learning by trial and error over time. Skill development will begin with learning about campus, the do’s and don’ts of college life, and the various kinds of support available on campus.  Students will also discover and explore their career interests and what pathways they need to follow to insure educational success!

CSI is designed around students’ needs and will be fully transferrable to other colleges and universities in Texas.  Its goal is to prepare students for high-performance learning in college and high-performance success in their chosen careers.

For more information on or to ask questions about CSI, visit or call the Dean of Instruction’s Office at (409) 882-3976.