LSC-O Cooking For a Cause

Ballerina Butch posing with community members at the Hotlinks and Humiliation fundraiser for OCS

Lamar State College-Orange has kicked off the holiday season with two fundraisers for Orange Christian Services. With a number of other fundraising efforts in the works for the remainder of the year, the success of the “Hotlinks and Humiliation” fundraiser and the “LSC-O Cooks for a Cause” cook-off are a promising glimpse into the next two months. With the help of the community, LSC-O has already raised more than two thousand dollars for OCS.

On Oct. 31, LSC-O hosted the “Hotlinks and Humiliation” fundraiser, a link sale that was also an excuse for their very own Butch Campbell to raise more than 500 dollars in votes for him to don a tutu during the sale. A week prior to the link sale, the fundraising committee, known as the “LSC-O Elves” began taking votes at one dollar per vote from students, faculty, staff and community business and individuals to see Campbell dressed as either a ballerina or a prom queen. There was also a campaign to save his dignity, known as “Everyday Butch.”

After all of the votes were tallied, “Ballerina Butch” received 482 votes, “Prom Queen Butch” received 30 votes, and “Everyday Butch” received a whopping seven votes. Hughes Realty, alone, gave 353 votes for “Ballerina Butch” and donated the ballerina costume that Campbell wore during the link sale. Links were sold on Oct. 31 for two dollars, and link, drink and chip combos were available for four dollars. While the fundraiser was scheduled to last from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., the Elves sold out of hot links well before noon, thanks to an unprecedented turnout from the community.  More than 800 dollars was raised through the link sale.

The next fundraiser, “LSC-O Cooks For a Cause” was held Nov. 9 on campus and featured 13 different types of entrees, casseroles and desserts all made by LSC-O faculty and staff. Guest judges Larry David, Gary Stelly and Beth Rach voted on items from each of the three categories and food could be purchased for two dollars per bowl or slice. The cook-off was held outside in the sunshine from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. More than 719 dollars was raised through purchases. There was a large turnout from students, faculty and staff members, as well as members of the community and surrounding businesses.

Winners of the cook-off were:

Casseroles - Phyllis Ford and her Shrimp Casserole
Entrees - Cathie Phillips and the “Mud Bug Mavens” and Phillips’ Crawfish Chowder
Desserts - Diana Kinto and her Sopapilla Cheesecake

LSC-O thanks everyone who came by to participate in either of the fundraisers, thus far. The community is invited to come have their picture taken with Santa in the Ron E. Lewis Library foyer on Dec. 6 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Pictures will be five dollars. Other on-campus fundraisers for students, faculty and staff include the “12 Days of Casual Christmas,” reserved parking spot raffles and a holiday gift basket auction, with all proceeds going straight to OCS.