LSC-O’s Honors Program to Offer New Courses This Spring

The Lamar State College-Orange Honors Program is adding Honors classes to the schedule for the upcoming spring semester. After having a slow start in the fall, the program is adding classes so more students can enroll in, and benefit from, taking Honors courses. ENGL 1302 (Composition II), SPCH 1315 (Public Speaking), PSYC 2301 (Intro to Psychology), and BIOL 2420 (Microbiology) will all be added and can be registered for now.
LSC-O Biology professor, Hunter Keeney, said the instructors are looking forward to the challenges of teaching Honors classes.

“I envision a more interactive learning community, where students will work together and be actively engaged in the dialogue of the course,” he said. “Basically, we’ll be able to forgo some of the more basic concepts and delve a little deeper into the heart of the selected topics, where the ‘real magic’ happens.”

Andy Preslar, English professor, said students in the Honors composition course will have the opportunity to collaboratively design and teach a variety of lessons in areas of their interest or strength.

“The class will also create, compile, edit, and publish a collection of critical essays in the various genres we study,” said Preslar, “and will have an opportunity to present their works at the honors colloquy the college will organize in the spring.”

Psychology professor Lisette Hodges says she plans to use seminar discussion groups for some of the history and theory in PSYC 2301. Major psychology concepts will be examined through the use of film, literature and contemporary culture. Raising the bar a bit, a discussion of neuro-anatomy may be aided through the dissection of a sheep’s brain.

Speech professor, Kevin Doss’ students will advance their knowledge of spoken communication through delivery and analysis of speeches for various purposes. “The course will provide advanced instruction regarding communication artifacts and how to analyze those artifacts with various communication methodologies,” said Doss. “Students will also have the opportunity to practice these speech skill developments in a professional and competitive environment.”

To qualify for the Honors Program students need to be TSI complete or TSI exempt and have a 3.5 grade point average. Students who have questions or who think they may qualify can contact Dr. Gwen Whitehead at (409) 882-3928 or visit her in her office, Room 157A in the Academic Center. For more information on the Honors Program, visit