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LSC-O Password Policy

Use the form to change your LSC-O NetID password if you are faculty, staff or a retiree.

Please allow up to 10 minutes for password changes to take effect.

Password Change Form

LSC-O Password Policy

  1. Minimum password length is 8 characters.
  2. Previous 24 passwords are remembered and ineligible for use.
  3. Passwords expire every 365 days.
  4. Passwords are case sensitive.
  5. Passwords cannot match any part of the user’s LSC-O Net ID.
  6. Passwords cannot match any part of the user’s full name.
  7. Passwords must contain 3 out of 4 of the following characters:
    • At least 1 uppercase character.
    • At least 1 lowercase character.
    • At least 1 numeric character.
    • At least 1 special character such as: !@#$%^&*()-_=+{}[]`~

Password Examples:

Street Address: CountryRoad433 (Uppercase, Lowercase, and Number)
Friends Name: Suzy$2004 (Lowercase, Symbol, and Number)