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QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan)

What is QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan)?

  • The QEP is a vehicle by which institutions can increase their overall quality and effectiveness by focusing on one issue that can improve student learning.
  • The QEP is a transformative campus process that is anchored in student learning and enhancing the climate for student learning.
  • The QEP is grounded in the commitment of SACS to increase quality and promote student learning.

(Source: Silver, Joseph H. The Anatomy of the QEP, SACS-COC Annual Meeting, December 2007.)

Why does LSC-O need a QEP?

Every ten years Lamar State College-Orange is accredited by the Southern Association of College and Schools Commission on College (SACSCOC). SACS evaluates all degree-granting higher education institutions in the Southern states to ensure they are meeting the highest educational standards. A college's accreditation assures that the college maintains its quality and its credits will transfer to other accredited colleges and universities. Accreditation also means LSC-O is eligible for state and federal funds.

LSC-O is preparing for its next SACS evaluation, which will occur in 2014. LSC-O must develop its own QEP as a required part of the reaccreditation process. The QEP will outline a five-year program, which will be implemented at LSC-O from 2014-2019.


To encourage campus awareness and participation in an effort to develop the LSC-O 2015-2020 Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).

The current proposed statement of LSC-O QEP topic is:
“Lamar State College-Orange’s QEP will focus on increasing student commitment to education through flipped classroom methods.”

QEP Steering Committees:

  • Literature Review Committee
    • Ni Song (Chair)
    • Ms. Dorraine Babcock
    • Mr. Hunter Keeney
    • Ms. Audrey Kapranos
    • Ms. Elizabeth Pressler
  • Design Committee
    • Michael Rather Jr. (Chair)
    • Dr. Jerry Sanford
    • Ms. Vicki Norville
    • Ms. Mary Sizemore
    • Ms. Sribhagyam Srinivasan
    • Ms. Lisette Hodges
    • Dr. Arlene Turkel
  • Communication Committee
    • Brianne Moreau (Chair)
    • Cindy Wyles
    • Jennifer Petitjean

Upcoming Events/Workshops/Conversations:

  • Sept 30, 3:30, faculty meeting, presentation “QEP updates” by Dr. Ni Song.
  • Coffee and Conversations in faculty lounge, reaffirmation (QEP is an important part of it), 8:30-11:30 Sep 20, Oct 18, Nov 15
  • Webinar "Flipping the College Classroom: Transform Students into Active Learners" by Dr. Robert Talbert.
    Wednesday, October 16, 2013 1:00-2:00 pm ET
  • D2L Training Workshop on “flipped classroom” by Dr. Ni Song.

Topic statement:

LSC-O’s QEP focuses on improving critical and analytical reading skills through implementation of interdisciplinary instructional techniques.

Current draft of students learning outcomes:
Student Learning Outcome Assessment Method Expected Result

Students will use a variety of reading strategies to enhance their critical and analytical reading comprehension.

  • Pre- and Post-testing of the Nelson-Denny reading comprehension
  • Completion of assignment
  • Classroom participation
  • surveys
  • increase value-added to scaled score and grade level
  • Pre-/Post-student perceptions of vocabulary ability, ratings of teaching techniques used to improve reading comprehension

Students will utilize available reading resources to strengthen their college-level vocabulary.

  • Pre-and Post-testing of the vocabulary section of the Nelson-Denny.
  • Student survey of quality enhancement in vocabulary.
  • Increase value-added to scaled score and grade level.
  • Pre- and Post-student perceptions of vocabulary ability and ratings of teaching techniques used to improve vocabulary