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To be admitted to LSCO all students must:

  • apply for admission to the college.
  • submit an application for admission on the official forms (inclusion of a social security number is required on this form). Applications are available in the Admission Office or from the Nursing Secretary.
  • request official transcripts be sent directly from the issuing institution (high school and/or colleges previously attended), and
  • take the prescribed placement tests and/or have records of test scores sent to the Office of Admission and Records.

Refer to the current catalog or contact the Office of Admissions and Records at (409) 882-3364 for additional general admission criteria

Upward Mobility Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to the RN Transition Program students are responsible for submitting ALL of the following to the nursing office by the application deadline:

  • an application to the RN Transition Program dated within the last current year;
  • an official transcript from the Vocational/Practical Nursing Program you completed;
  • transcript(s) of all college work completed, including LSCO and any of the other Lamar campuses. Transcripts should be obtained from the college attended and submitted with the application;
  • transcript evaluation and course substitution form if needed of all transfer credits;
  • license number and expiration date of current LVN/LPN license;
  • evidence that student has mastered basic proficiency in reading, writing and math skills by having met the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirement. This information usually appears on your transcripts.  For further information regarding TSI, please contact advising office @ 409.882-3340
  • successful completion of pre-requisites prior to program start. Pre-requisites in progress at the time of the application deadline will not be considered included in the academic achievement scale;
  • Evolve Reach Admission Assessment (A2) Exam profile indicating a composite score of 75 or higher, an Anatomy and Physiology score 75 or higher and a reading comprehension score of 80 or higher; and
  • Complete the written Applicant Interview included in the application packet.

Admission Criteria

The RN Transition Program is a selective admissions program. The goal of the RN Transition Program Standards Committee is to select the most qualified applicants.  Criteria that are considered by the committee in the admission process include professional behavior during admission process, academic achievement and the written interview which is included in the application packet. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure the application, transcripts, transcript evaluation and course substitution forms if necessary, and Admission Assessment scores are submitted by the due date. Only applications which are complete by the due date will be considered. Conditional admission will be offered to the most qualified applicants in any given admission period.

Academic Achievement

 Academic Achievement is based on points awarded for courses complete according to the following formula: A=4, B=3, C=2. Pre-requisite course grades, including grade  replacements, will be averaged if taken more than once in the last five years. Co-requisite courses which are taken multiple times will have the highest grade calculated into the rating scale. One additional point will be given for each of the following core curriculum courses completed with a C or better - HIST 1301, HIST 1302, GOVT 2301, GOVT 2302, ENGL 1302, PSYC 2471 or MATH 1341, CHEM 1406 or 1411, and a Language, Philosophy and Culture elective or a Creative Arts elective. Courses may only be counted one time.

APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR EACH JANUARY CLASS IS SEPTEMBER 15. Only complete applications will be considered.

All applicants who have complete application files are notified of acceptance or rejection within ten - twelve weeks of the application deadline.

After acceptance into the RN Transition Program, students must provide the following additional information:

  • Current CPR certification
  • History & Physical Examination, including proof of immunizations. In order to meet the program objectives, students are required to have a physical examination on the form provided with the letter of acceptance. This physical examination is at your own expense by the physician or nurse practitioner of choice. Immunizations are available at the Orange County Health Department.  Each immunization has a minimal fee. Students who are unable to provide proof of immunizations must provide positive lab titers.
  • Criminal Background Check. A negative or clear Criminal Background Check is necessary prior to full admission into the Upward Mobility Nursing Program. Information to complete this process will be mailed to applicants who have submitted complete applications. Students with known eligibility or criminal background issues, should start the Declaratory Order process prior to submitting their application to the program contact the BON (www.bon.texas.gov)

Graduation Criteria. To be eligible for graduation, all RN Transition Program students must:

  • successfully complete lecture and clinical courses to progress to the next level of the program or to graduate.
  • pass an exit exam in order to graduate. [See UMN student Handbook Policy.]
  • take an approved NCLEX-RN Board Review in order to graduate fully prepared to take NCLEX-RN.