Process Operating Technology Basic (C) Certificate

This program prepares students for careers in entry-level process operations positions and to become safe, efficient and environmentally responsible operators in the petrochemical and oil refinery industries. The program works closely with the North American Process Technology Alliance-based organization that establishes standards to provide and deliver quality curriculum in the field.

Program of Study
First Semester 15 Credits
PTAC 1302 Introduction to Process Technology 3
PTAC 1408 Safety, Health and Environment I 4
PTAC 1410 Process Technology I - Equipment 4
PTAC 1432 Process Instrumentation I 4
Second Semester 15 Credits
PTAC 2314 Principles of Quality 3
PTAC 2420 Process Technology II - Systems 4
PTAC 2438 Process Technology II - Operations 4
PTAC 2446 Process Troubleshooting 4
Total Credit Hours for Process Operating Technology Basic Certificate 30 credits

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