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Proctoring through ProctorU

Lamar State College Orange is proud to offer online students the opportunity to take their exams at home by using ProctorU which ensures the academic integrity of the exam for the institution. This proctoring service allows students to complete their assessment at any location with a web cam, microphone, computer, and reliable internet access.

ProctorU charges $25 for a 2-hour exam. Additional fees exist for longer exams and appointments scheduled less than four days ahead of time. If your instructor allows this option for your course, more details can be found in your course syllabus.

To use ProctorU, students will have to create an account and reserve a time-slot for the exam. This should be done at LSCO's ProctorU website. At the time of the exam, students will log in to the LSCO's ProctorU website, and a representative from ProctorU will connect with your computer and supervise you during your test.

For more details, please read the following handouts.


Student Handout

Faculty Handout

Privacy Issues