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Gainful Employment

Institution 6 digit OPEID:


Program Name & Length:

Department of Education 6 digit CIP - 51.3901
Name of the Program - Vocational
Level of Program - Certificate
Program Length in Months - 18

Related Occupations:


Tuition and fees, In-State - $10,093.00
Tuition and Fees, Out-of-State - $32,706.00
(Based on a full-time load of 12 credit hours for the two regular fall and spring semesters of FY 2017-18)
Estimated cost of books & supplies for entire program - $1400.00
Annual room and board charges - NA

Debt at Program Completion:

Students Completing the program in FY 2015 - 81
Students Completing the program with any student loan debt - 81

Median Cumulative debt for:
Federal student loan debt - $8,791.27
Private loan debt - 0.00
Institutional financing plan debt - 0.00

Program Completion:

Normal time in months to complete program - 18
Graduates completing in normal time - 130

Job Placement:

* Placement rate for students who complete the program - 72.00%

* The job placement rates indicated are limited to graduates employed in Texas, in the military, and the government.
Graduates employed in other states are not included in the placement rate calculation.

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