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Degrees and Certificates

Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS)

  • Business Management (BSMT)
  • Industrial Technology (INTE)
  • Information Technology Support Specialist (ITSS)
  • Instrumentation (ISTR)
  • Medical Office Professional (MOPD)
  • Process Operating Technology (PROC)
  • Upward Mobility Nursing (RNSG) (accepted in program)

Associate of Arts Degree (AA)

  • Communication (AACM)
  • Liberal Arts (AALA)
  • Sociology (AASO)
  • Teaching-EC-6, 4-8, Special Ed. EC-12 (AAT1)
  • Teaching-8-12, EC-12 (AAT2)

Associate of Science Degree (AS)

  • Business (ASBU)
  • Criminal Justice (ASCJ)
  • Computer Science (ASCS)
  • Horticulture (ASHT) (Deactivated Fall 2014)
  • Natural Science (ASNS)
  • Theater (ASTH) (Deactivated Fall 2014)

Certificate of Completion (CERT1)

  • Administrative Technology (ADMN)
  • Business Management Accounting (BMAC)
  • Cisco Networking Specialist (CNSC)
  • Criminal Justice Corrections (CJCC)
  • Criminal Justice (CJCR)
  • Dental Assisting (DNTA)
  • Entrepreneurship (BMEC)
  • Game Specialist (GAMS)
  • Information Technology Support Assistant-Networking Specialist (ITHC)
  • Information Technology Support Assistant-Software Development (ITSC)
  • Instrumentation (INST)
  • Medical Office Assistant (MOAC)
  • Medical Transcriptionist (MOTC)
  • Pharmacy Technology (PHRA)
  • Process Technology (PTAC)
  • Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHEC)

Certificate of Completion (CERT2)

  • General Studies (GENS)
  • Medical Administrative Assistant (MOAA)
  • Vocational Nursing (VNSG) (accepted in program)

Institutional Award (IA)

  • Customer Service (CSER)
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS1)
  • Forensic Science (FORE)
  • Game Designer (GAMD)
  • Medical Office Receptionist (MORT)
  • Pharmacy Technology Sterile Preparations (PHSP)
  • Web Design/Multimedia (WEBD)