Dental Assisting

Lamar State College Orange's successful Dental Assisting program meets all students' needs to become a qualified dental assistant. Completion of this program enables students to choose their positions in the field of dentistry. Students are trained in many aspects of the profession, including roles as an insurance clerk, receptionist, hygiene coordinator, laboratory assistant, sales representative for dental suppliers as well as assisting in all specialties of dentistry.

At the completion of the program, a student is qualified to become a Registered Dental Assistant through the Texas State Board registration exam. This registration is mandatory to be employed as a dental assistant in the state of Texas.

Dental Assisting (C) Certificate

The Dental Assisting Program is competency-based and teaches the appropriate skills, knowledge, and perspectives needed to succeed within the dental assisting field. Students are given the opportunity to attain competence in oral and written communications as well as skills specific to the workplace.

Admissions requirements are that students be at least 18 years old and have a high school diplomas or a G.E.D. certificate. Students must pass a background check before entrance to the program is granted. Students in the program are waived from TSI requirements.

Students must maintain 75 percent averages in all dental assisting courses and satisfactory (S) grades for clinical experiences in order to progress to the next course in the sequence. Students must have course grades of "C" or better in all DNTA courses listed on the dental assisting degree plan and overall 2.0 grade point averages in order to graduate with a certificate in dental assisting.

Program of Study
First Semester13 Credits
DNTA 1305 Dental Radiology I 3
DNTA 1311 Dental Science 3
DNTA 1315 Chairside Assisting 3
DNTA 1401 Dental Materials 4
Second Semester17 Credits
DNTA 1241 Dental Laboratory Procedures 2
DNTA 1245 Preventive Dentistry 2
DNTA 1249 Dental Radiology in the Clinic 2
DNTA 1251 Dental Office Management 2
DNTA 1353 Dental Assisting Applications 3
DNTA 1660 Clinical I-Dental Assistant 6
Summer4 Credits
DNTA 2461 Clinical II-Dental Assistant 4
Total Credit Hours for Dental Assisting Certificate34 credits

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The Lamar State College Orange Dental Assisting Program is located in the Allied Health Building on the LSCO campus.

Program Director 
Colleen Baker

Phone: (409) 882-3022
Fax: (409) 882-5000
Allied Health Bldg., Rm. 221

Camie Colley
(409) 882-3018
Allied Health Bldg. Rm. 237

Stacy DeMontmollin
(409) 882-3094 
Allied Health Bldg. Rm. 217