Information Technology Support Assistant
Networking Specialization (C) Certificate

This certificate is designed for those with little or minimal computer training. The computer core courses allow students to explore computer hardware. This certificate transfers into the Information Technology Support Specialist Associate of Applied Science degree.

Program of Study
First Semester15 Credits
COSC 1301 Introduction to Computing 3
ITCC 1314 Introduction to Networks 3
ITSC 1325 Personal Computer Hardware 3
ITSY 1342  Information Technology Security 3
ITNW 1313 Computer Virtualization 3
Second Semester15 Credits
ITCC 1340 Routing and Switching Essentials 3
ITDF 1300 Introduction to Digital Forensics 3
ITNW 1354 Implementing and Supporting Servers 3
ITSW 1304 Introduction to Spreadsheets 3
BUSI 2304 Business Writing 3
Total Credit Hours for Information Technology Support Assistant Networking Specialization30 credits

*Choose elective from available courses in Information Technology or Computer Science.  (LSCO Catalog)

View course descriptions here: Course Catalog