Ordinary Seaman Certificate III

This program prepares student for a career in the maritime industry. Students are prepared with advanced knowledge and skills to safely function as an Ordinary Seaman onboard a vessel. Upon completion the student will qualify for a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card and the United States Coast Guard merchant mariner document with a Standards for Training and Conducting Watches-Basic Safety Training (STCW-BST) certification.

Program of Study
First Semester 15 Credits
EDUC 1300 Learning Frameworks 3
NAUT 1372 Seamanship I 3
NAUT 1374 Basic Safety and Survival Training 3
NAUT 1371 Introduction to Ships and Shipping 3
NAUT 1370 Introduction to Tugs and Towing 3
Second Semester 13 Credits
NAUT 1375 Terrestrial Navigation 3
NAUT 2274 Basic Stability and Ship Construction 2
NAUT 1373 Marine Dry Cargo Operations 3
NAUT 2371 Tugs and Towing 3
NAUT 1264 Practicum Marine Science/Marine Merchant Officer 2
Summer Session 2 Credits
NAUT 1264 Practicum Marine Science/Marine Merchant Officer 2
Third Semester 12 Credits
NAUT 2375 Deck Sea Training 1: Basic Comm, Navigation, Seamanship 3
NAUT 2376 Integrated Navigation I: Radar/ARA/ECDIS 3
NAUT 1376 Ship Stability and Trim 3
NAUT 2377 Nav Rules-International and Inland 3
Fourth Semester 2 Credits
NAUT 1264 Practicum Marine Science/Marine Merchant Officer 2

Students enrolled in the LSCO – Maritime Program will have priority admission review for the Bachelor of Science Marine Transportation and the Texas A&M University Galveston Maritime Academy. Students will apply to TAMUG at the point he or she is ready to enroll in TAMUG courses. See LSCO’s Dean of Health, Workforce, and Technical Programs or the Ordinary Seaman Program Director for more details about transferability to TAMUG.