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The Pre-Engineering AS Degree will provide students an option for transfer to a four-year college or university with bachelor's of science degrees in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or chemical engineering. Civil engineers build, design, and supervise infrastructure projects and systems. Mechanical engineers design, develop, build and test mechanical and thermal systems and devices. Electrical engineers design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacturing of electrical equipment. Chemical engineers apply the principles of chemistry, biology, physics, and math to solve problems that involve the use of fuel, drugs, food, and many other products

Degree Plan

Pre-Engineering Associate of Science (AS)


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Academic Advising

For registration and admission information, please contact:

Academic Advising
Phone: (409) 882-3340
Ron E. Lewis Library


For additional program information, please contact:

Elias Jureidini
Phone:(409) 882-3351
Shahan Event Center, Office 130

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