EMBCP Unarmed Hostile Intruder Incident

  • If an unarmed Hostile Intruder is discovered on the campus, the individual making the discovery shall immediately contact Security and 911 and provide as much information as possible. Do not approach the intruder or intervene in any ongoing crime. At a minimum, the individual should provide a description of the intruder and any specific characteristics (height, weight, hair color, race, and type and color of clothing) and type of weapon(s) if
  • Office personnel in the affected building  will  close  and  secure  their  office  areas  and  immediately call 911 and Security at 670-0789.
  • Security will be posted to ensure no one enters the building(s) until local emergency services personnel arrive and the area is determined to be safe. The BlackboardConnect broadcast system will be activated to inform the campus of the threat and to provide instructions on precautions to be
  • Once local emergency service authorities arrive, the Incident Commander will coordinate any information or assistance with them. Only trained law enforcement personnel should attempt to perform a methodical search of the buildings in which the hostile intruder is
  • A senior law  enforcement  officer  on  scene  will  notify  the  Incident  Commander  when reentry  to the building can be made and the classes and office areas are safe to

Hostile Intruder

Expected Impact

  • Panic possible.
  • Psychological trauma.
  • Injuries possible.

Expected Consequences

  • Government authorities may assume incident command and may limit access to the area.
  • College operations in the affected areas are shutdown.

Suggested Action Steps

  • EMBCP activated
  • IRT contacted
  • EMT notified
  • EOC activated
  • Eliminate a terrorist attack as a possibility
  • Security confronts the intruder
  • Consider an evacuation of the immediate area
  • If the threat is outside, cancel all outdoor events
  • BlackboardConnect alert broadcast if deemed necessary
  • Most Critical Plans / Resources:
    • Security
    • Public relations

Police will likely set up a building perimeter and probably a closer inner perimeter. If the subject or subjects have injured anyone, arriving officers will take actions to prevent further harm. If the subject or subjects have only threatened harm then a negotiating team will be set up.

Next Steps