Medical Assisting

Medical Assisting Program

The Medical Assisting program is designed to prepare students to function as professionals in multiple healthcare settings. Medical assistants perform various clinical tasks including assisting with minor procedures, performing an EKG electrocardiogram, obtaining laboratory specimens for testing, educating patients, and other related tasks. Job opportunities are prevalent with physician's offices, medical and care clinics, chiropractor's offices, hospitals and outpatient facilities.

This program covers the following key areas and topics:

  • Clinical responsibilities of the medical office assistant - assisting the physician with patient related care;
  • Preparing patients for examination and treatment, routine procedures and diagnostic testing;
  • HIPAA, patient confidentiality, legal aspects of healthcare and regulatory patient care issues;
  • Recording and taking of vital signs, blood pressure, and other patient care items related to the physician office visit;
  • Review of medications and allergies;
  • Laboratory procedures, including phlebotomy, venipunctures and capillary sampling, and the proper techniques required to collect specimens for laboratory analysis and point of care testing; and,
  • Cardiology and the proper placement of leads when taking a 12 lead EKG.

In addition to facilitating entry-level clinical medical assisting related positions, this course is ideal for students interested in pursuing Nursing (LPN) or a Nursing (RN) program.


Degree Plans

Medical Assisting Level 1 Certificate (CERT)



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Academic Advising

For registration and admission information, please contact:

Academic Advising
Phone: (409) 882-3340
Ron E. Lewis Library

Program Director

For additional program information, please contact:

Jessica Montgomery
Phone: (409) 882-3980
Allied Health Building, Room 232

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