Upward Mobility Nursing Student Organization

The purpose of the Upward Mobility Nursing Student Organization is to provide students currently pursuing an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing degree the opportunity to promote an awareness of the nursing profession through campus and community activities.

The functions of this organization include:

  • To provide an organization to students interested in professional nursing, and to encourage participation in meetings and activities.
  • To stimulate interest in nursing and related areas such as health promotion.
  • To serve as a channel of communication between LSCO and the students.
  • To provide students with a mechanism to become involved in LSCO and community activities.
  • To sponsor and promote education for its members and to conduct occasional fund-raising activities.




Contact Info

Upward Mobility Nursing

Jennifer Trotter
Email: Jennifer.Trotter@lsco.edu
Phone: (409) 882-3017

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