Crime Prevention Tips

LSCO Safety and Security Officers patrol the campus to assure a high level of good physical security. As a regular part of their assigned duties they look for any safety or security problems such as defective lighting, unsecured areas, inoperative doors or locks, damaged sidewalks and potential fire hazards. If you notice a safety or security problem on campus, please report it to the Office of College Affairs or the Department of Safety and Security. Students and Employees can help assume responsibility for their own personal safety and security of their personal belongings by taking some of the following precautions:


  • Avoid walking alone. Travel in pairs and groups or call for a Security escort at 409-670-0789
  • At night, park in lighted areas on campus. When walking to your vehicle, keep your keys in your hand, check the interior of your
  • Be aware of your surroundings and potential danger spots, think
  • Lock your doors and keep your windows closed at all times and do not sit in your car for an extended period of
  • Report suspicious persons and circumstances
  • Do not leave valuables lying out in the open or in unlocked vehicles
  • Never leave your belongings unattended. Backpacks, books and purses can become easy targets
  • Report suspicious persons or circumstances. This could stop a crime before it
  • Save the LSCO Campus Safety and Security phone number of 409-670-0789 into your phone

Faculty and Staff

  • Get to know and recognize your co-workers. Be familiar with the employees in your area. Do not hesitate to report strangers, activities, or behaviors that seem
  • Be familiar with work safety policies and
  • Introduce yourself to campus security personnel and know how to reach
  • Do not loan your office keys or give your security code to
  • If working late, lock your exterior office doors and be cautious about who you let in after hours. Notify campus security at 409-670-0789 or 409-882-3910 that you will be working late.
  • If you are leaving late and are concerned about your safety, walk with a coworker or contact campus security for an
  • Report safety related issues, such as burned out lighting,

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