Institutional Effectiveness


IE, an acronym for Institutional Effectiveness, refers to "an ongoing, comprehensive, and integrated research-based planning and evaluation process that (a) focuses on institutional quality and effectiveness and (b) incorporates a systematic review of institutional goals and outcomes consistent with its mission.” (SACSCOC Resource Manual, 2024, p. 62). It is a continuous process of planning, assessing, reviewing results, and using results for ongoing improvement.

At Lamar State College Orange (LSCO), the IE process consists of the assessment of both operational effectiveness and learning effectiveness. To assess the operational effectiveness, all LSCO departments are engaged in the Administrative Unit Planning process, which consists of developing the assessment plans, implementing the plans, and collecting data to gauge the extent to which the expected outcomes are achieved, and then using the assessment results for continuous improvement.

To assess learning effectiveness, all LSCO educational and technical programs measure student learning outcomes at both the course level and the program level. “Effective institutions focus on the design and improvement of educational experiences to enhance student learning and support appropriate student outcomes for its educational programs and related academic and student support services that support student success.” (SACSCOC Resource Manual, 2024, p. 80).

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Dean of Institutional Effectiveness & Educational Support

Patty Collins
Phone: (409) 882-3922
Ron Lewis Library, Office 345

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