Estimated Expenses for the Medical Assisting Program

Expenses* Texas/Louisiana Residents Non-Texas Residents
Tuition and Textbooks
Program Courses (15 credit hrs) + Liability Insurance ($15 included in course fees) $1,995 $8,865
Required textbooks $375 $375
Expenses outside of Tuition / Textbooks (needed for clinical courses only)
Uniforms scrubs (do NOT purchase until discussed in class) $50 $50
Uniform shoes (white and ALL leather) $50 $50
Immunization Expenses (if needed) $100 $100
LSCO Student Clinical ID $5 $5
LSCO Arm Patch (Franks Medical Mart – Orange) $5 $5
Stethoscope $25 $25
Sphygmomanometer (blood pressure cuff) $25 $25
Watch with a second hand $25 $25
Cap and Gown $40 $40
TOTAL (All fees listed are approximate and subject to change) $2,795 $9,565

*Expenses are subject to change due to action by the State Legislature, Board of Regents, or program requirements.

Tuition/fees listed above are as printed in the Lamar State College Orange Fall 2021 Class Schedule. Future amounts may be different. See Tuition and Fees.

The fees listed are for all courses in the Medical Assisting Certificate. They are approximate and will vary based on the quality of equipment you purchase, and immunizations needed. * Details will be given concerning the official Medical Assisting student uniform and equipment needed prior to beginning the clinical rotations for PLAB and VNSG clinical courses.


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