Registered Nursing Transition Program Application

To apply to LSCO’s Registered Nursing Transition Program, complete the application below. At the end of the application you will be asked to upload a copy of your Degree Works, your A2 scores, and proof of VN licensure. Your Degree Works may be found under your student service tab. A2 scores are available through Elsevier website.  Proof of VN licensure is found on the Board of Nursing website. To upload these documents into your application, first save the file to your computer.  Hit “Choose File” and search for your file. Select attach / upload. 

The application MUST be submitted online. The remaining documents (degree plan from Degree Works, A2 scores, and LVN license) may be submitted either online (preferred) or hard copy to the nursing department located at 410 Front Street, Orange, Texas, 77630.