Court Reporting

Court Reporting is an online program that provides students the skills required to become certified shorthand reporters.  The first year of the program provides students with a scopist certificate that gives them the tools needed to assist current court reporters in producing transcripts and daily copies for court and depositions. The second year of the program concludes with the skills needed to become certified shorthand reporters; and once the student meets their individual speed requirements to become certified by the State, students will have the opportunity to work in the freelance industry with attorneys, become an official reporter for a court, provide CART for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing community or even go on to become a certified realtime captioner working in the broadcasting field


Requirements for the course include:

LSCO Admission
Graduation Requirements
Licensure Requirements

Degree Plans

Machine Shorthand Scopist Certificate (CERT)
Court Reporting Certificate (CERT)
Court Reporting Associate of Applied Science (AAS) 


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Licensing Requirements - Texas House Bill 1508

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