Court Reporting Equipment

Stenograph Student Options

  • Stenograph's Case Catalyst Student Software & Realtime Coach (included in tuition):
    • Must get writer with a wide asterisk key, which goes wide to the right
    • Must have a wide final DZ key, which goes wide to the left.
    • Real-time cable
  • Laptop
    • Must use a Windows operating system. (Chromebook, Apple/Mac or netbook computers are not acceptable.)
    • Should have at least one USB port, 8GB or more of RAM, at least 256 BG SSD drive, and a 2.0+ GHz processor
    • Microsoft Office and PDF reader required
  • Software
    • Case Catalyst by Stenograph 
    • Realtime Coach platform (Included in tuition)
  • Books
    • StenEd Realtime Theory Book, latest version
    • Bad Grammer/Good Punctuation (testbook and workbook) by Margie Wakeman Wells
    • Learning to Use Case Catalyst, latest version, by Kathryn Dittmeier
    • Legal Terminology, 4th edition, by Cathy Okrent
    • Medical Terminology, a Short Course, 9th Edition, by Davi-Ellen Chabner

These books will be part of the Gator Book Pack for the individual courses.

Contact Info

Academic Advising

For registration and admission information, please contact:

Academic Advising
Phone: (409) 882-3340
Ron E. Lewis Library

Program Director

For additional program information, please contact:

Cristy Smith
Phone:(409) 882-3307
Allied Health Building, Rm. 222

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