Campus Liaisons

LSCO's Campus Liaison program provides regular support to part-time faculty so that they can fulfill their teaching and student engagement responsibilities for the College. 

All LSCO part-time faculty (adjunct and embedded) with two or fewer consecutive years of teaching experience with the College will be assigned a campus liaison to support them for at least one full academic year.


To contact a campus liaison, please email


  • Ensure that part-time faculty can access MyGator, LSCO email, and Blackboard
  • Ensure that the faculty member has an LSCO syllabus and that it has been posted in all required locations
  • Ensure that basic course/instructor information has been posted to Blackboard
  • Assist with the attendance verification process
  • Assist with the textbook adoption process
  • Assist with end of the end-of-semester paperwork process
  • Share regular campus updates/ professional development updates
  • Answer any questions the new hire has or direct them to appropriate campus resources
  • Curriculum advice
  • Artifact collection
  • Textbook selection
  • Third-party software setup
  • Participate in performance evaluation

Most of these matters are referred to the part-time faculty member's program director, who has subject expertise to advise on these topics.

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