Professional Development Committee Funding Guidelines

In addition to organizing and providing a regular schedule of professional development courses for faculty and staff, and providing an organized method for faculty and staff to keep track of completed professional development, the professional development committee is responsible for disbursing the budgeted funds in accordance with this funding guidelines document.

PDC funds can be used for the following

  1. Annual Faculty/Staff Professional Development Events
  2. Learning and development (virtual or in-person) for faculty and staff members that:
    1. Improves teaching
    2. Maintains current academic and technical knowledge and skills
    3. Provides retraining to meet changing institutional needs
    4. Encourages development of innovations in instructional and administrative techniques
    5. Includes computer and technological proficiency programs
    6. Relates to educational and professional development pursuant to improve/enhance the employees’ ability to do their job
  3. Institutional subscriptions and memberships. Must benefit the campus as a whole or a minimum of three individual members of the faculty or staff.
  4. Conference registration fees (virtual or in-person) will be considered; however, no travel expenses associated with an in-person conference will be paid.

Additional Information

  1. Funding will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  2. Applicants must have prior approval from their immediate supervisor prior to submitting a request for funding.
  3. PDC Members will review and score each funding request in accordance with the Funding Proposal Scoring Rubric.

Please complete the Request for Professional Development Funds form to request funds.

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