Understanding FERPA - Parents

FERPA rights transfer to the student at age 18, or once he or she attends a post-secondary institution regardless of age. Parents or legal guardians may obtain Non-Directory Information at the discretion of the institution, only if they can establish that the student is a “financially dependent” if either parent or the legal guardian claimed the student upon his or her most recent Federal Income Tax return. The Office or Admissions and Records will require that the parent(s) or legal guardian provide a copy of the filed tax return before it releases the requested information.


A parent or guardian may obtain non-directory information in a health or safety emergency or if their student has authorized a record release.

If the parent or guardian of the student has been designated to review non-directory information, the parent or guardian will need to present a valid state ID and provide the 4-digit code the student has indicated on the FERPA release form.

Students may designate access to non-directory information to a third-party including parents, by completing the FERPA Release Form (link).

Dual-Credit Students

Parents of high school students will be directed to speak with the high school counselor if requesting non-directory information.

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