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Lamar State College Orange

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LSCO is a state supported, two-year institution of higher education offering students both an academic transfer curriculum and a variety of high-quality vocational, technical programs. Additionally, non-credit classes and training opportunities are provided for the continuing education of community members and the customized training needs of local business and industry. LSCO has strong instructional, student services, and community service missions.

Vision, Mission, & Core Values


Lamar State College Orange will be the college of choice serving Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana. As an exemplary place of learning, Lamar State College Orange will prepare the workforce of tomorrow. Our students arrive with the hope of a productive future and leave with the knowledge and opportunities for success that a Lamar State College Orange education provides.


Lamar State College Orange transforms lives and communities through the continual pursuit of academic, professional, and personal excellence. We provide new and unique opportunities for growth and success. We are the bridge connecting those we serve to a bright, Orange future.

Core Values

  • Quality: Providing excellence through education
  • Growth: Building a shared vision of opportunity and advancement
  • Service: Meeting the needs of the communities we serve
  • Innovation: Creating an array of unique educational opportunities
  • Success: Achieving personal and professional goals

Service Principles

LSCO is committed to providing quality service to students who can expect:

  • reliability--consistent quality performance, access to services, and timely and accurate completion of tasks.
  • credibility--highly qualified faculty and staff, trustworthy administrators, prompt problem solving, and accurate printed materials.
  • environment conducive to learning--safe premises, appropriately dressed faculty and staff, and friendly and accurate information.
  • responsiveness--helpful and accessible staff, quick service, prompt communication, and satisfactory student information.
  • concern--expeditious and caring attention to student needs, an empathetic faculty and staff, and reliable and credible problem solving.

Service Goals and Objectives

LSCO is committed to maintaining an appropriate and current curriculum; maintaining excellence in instruction; providing personal and academic counseling for students; providing extracurricular opportunities conducive to lifelong personal development; providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing campus; and cooperating with individual and community groups to promote education, economic development, and cultural opportunities.

Standards for Maximum Wait Time

LSCO is committed to processing transcript requests within a 24-48 hour period; determining financial aid rewards within three weeks; registering (enrolling) students for classes within 15-30 minutes of initial contact; receiving service at the cashier's office within 15 minutes; determining admission into competitive-entry programs within 30 days; reporting results of credit-by-exam within one week; responding to requests for ADA accommodations in one day; answering the phone in four rings; completing transcript evaluations within 48 hours; and processing admission applications within 24 hours.


A student complaint may result from academic experiences or non-academic matters involving administrators, staff, or other students/student organizations. Regardless of the course modality and/or campus location of the issue, the protocol for handling complaints will be the same. Students desiring to file a complaint about services, staff, or activities should follow the stated procedures.

Policies and procedures for specific types of complaints/grievances can be found in the Texas State University System Rules and Regulations, the LSCO Faculty Handbook (pdf), or the LSCO Student Handbook (pdf). These publications may be obtained from the Provost/Executive Vice President, Dean of Student Services, and the Human Resources Manager.

Complaints regarding academic issues including: instruction, classroom management, grading, program regulations, competitive program admissions and/or criteria, etc., should first be filed with the instructor. If resolution is not achieved, the complainant may appeal through the chain-of-command (Dean, Executive Vice President/Provost) possibly culminating with a hearing before the Academic Grievance Committee. The student is notified, in writing, of the decision. Students may expect a maximum of five (5) working days per step in the grievance procedure.

Complaints regarding non-academic issues such as: student organizations and activities, fees, parking, security, building use, etc., should first be filed with the director/sponsor responsible for the activity. If resolution is not achieved, the complainant may appeal to the Dean of Student Services. The student is notified, in writing, of the decision. Students may expect a maximum of five (5) working days per step in the complaint resolution procedure.The decision of the Dean of Student Services is final.

Student Relations Representative

Brian Hull, Dean of Student Services
Ron Lewis Library Building, Room 355
(409) 882-3342

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