Catalog Update Policy

Catalog titles include the academic years during which the information included in them will be effective, but the provisions of the catalog do not constitute a contract. The College reserves the right to make necessary changes, and because such changes become effective upon approval by the proper officials, updates to the catalog are necessary to reflect changes to the Academic Calendar, new fee and tuition information, educational course and program changes, policy revisions, new regulations, new educational and service programs, and changes to services.

LSCO employs the following procedure to update the catalog as necessary:

  • Maintenance of the LSCO Catalog is the responsibility of the Office of the Executive Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs/Provost (EVP/P). The catalog is filed as an MS Word document in a shared drive accessible by permission only and maintained by the EVP/P’s office. Versions of previous catalogs are also archived on the shared drive.
  • Following the Texas State University System’s 4th-Quarter Board of Regents meeting each November, and at other times as needed, the Office of the EVP/P sends a copy of the current catalog as an MS Word file to all LSCO administrative officials and issues a request for review, with recommended catalog changes to be due to the EVP/P on a specified date the following January.
  • The EVP/P receives, reviews, and approves the requests for updates from all LSCO offices. The EVP/P or a designee modifies the MS Word version of the current catalog to incorporate the approved catalog revisions.
  • The updated version of the catalog is saved to the shared drive with the date of revision in the file name and the version date prominently displayed at the top center of the first page of the updated catalog, reflecting the date of revision.
  • The EVP/P or a designee notifies the Director of Public Information to request that the updated catalog be reviewed, approved for release to the public, and posted to the LSCO website.
  • The Director of Public Information reviews the updated catalog and
    • makes any adjustments or corrections necessary to prepare it for publication
    • saves the approved updated version as a pdf,
    • accesses the OmniUpdate OU Campus web page production site,
    • replaces the previous version on the production site with the updated version, and
    • notifies the LSCO Web Administrator that an update is ready for approval and publication.
  • After confirming that the updated version of the catalog is ready for publication, the LSCO Web Administrator posts the pdf of the newly revised catalog to the LSCO website.
  • Following confirmation of the publication of the revised catalog, the EVP/P or a designee provides a list of any program changes to the LSCO Web Administrator and to the offices of the Deans, Associate Deans, and Program Directors to confirm publication of the changes in the catalog, and to facilitate corresponding changes to the individual program webpages. The EVP/P or a designee also notifies the Director of Print and Design Services that a newly revised catalog is in effect, to ensure that subsequently printed copies of the catalog reflect the most current version.

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