Pharmacy Technology Application Information

The advisement packet and application form attached are designed to answer common questions and outline the program requirements and application process. Please review the enclosed information carefully. 

Advisement/Application Packet Introduction

The Pharmacy Technology program is competency-based and will teach the appropriate skills, knowledge, and perspectives needed to succeed within the Pharmacy Technology field. Students will be given the opportunity to attain competence in oral and written communication as well as math and computer skills specific to the workplace. The program was developed in 1997 to meet the area workforce needs for institutional, retail, and long-term care pharmacies.

The twenty-eight credit hour curriculum was developed using the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists guidelines and should prepare students for the national certification examination which is mandated for all Pharmacy Technicians by the year 2001. According to the Texas State Board of Pharmacy: effective September 1, 2015 - (ii) All pharmacy technicians and pharmacy technician trainees who compound sterile preparations for administration to patients shall comply with the following: complete through completion of a single course, a minimum of 40 hours of instruction and experience in the areas listed in paragraph (4)(D) of this subsection. Such training shall be obtained by completing a course sponsored by an ACPE accredited provider that provides 40 hours of instruction and experience. Students will be given the opportunity to complete an ACPE approved Intravenous Sterile Compounding class. Upon successfully passing the class the student will receive a nationally recognized certificate, Sterile Compounding and Aseptic Technique from Austin Community College- Pharmacy Technician Department- Provider of CPE, as well as a statement of credit for 40 hours (4.0CEUs) of ACPE accredited continuing education.    

The Lamar State College Orange Pharmacy Technology Program is fully accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

It is envisioned that Pharmacists will undertake the expanding role of patient education related to the classification, action, side-effects, and implications of pharmaceutical agents and health aids prescribed by the physician. This will relinquish many of the Pharmacist’s tasks and duties to “supportive personnel” such as the Pharmacy Technician. Under the supervision of a Registered Pharmacist, the Pharmacy Technician will assume such duties as mixing pharmaceutical preparations, filling bottles with prescribed tablets and capsules, typing labels for bottles, receiving and storing incoming supplies, maintaining computerized inventory records, and computing charges for billing/insurance. According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Good job opportunities are expected for full-time and part-time work, especially for technicians with formal training or previous experience.” 

Minimum admission requirements are that students be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED certificate. Students in this program are TASP-waived. However, Lamar State College Orange may require a recent assessment of reading, writing, and math skills.

If an applicant cannot pass a drug screen test regardless of illicit or controlled drugs, it would be in the best interest of the applicant not to apply for this program.

Class Sequence

All accepted applicants will begin the Pharmacy Technology Program in the Fall semester.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to the Pharmacy Technology Program, the student is responsible for completing the admission procedure for Lamar State College Orange and the Pharmacy Technology admission requirements below:

 Submit to Lamar State College Orange:

  1. Application for admission to Lamar State College Orange
  2. An official high-school transcript or GED Certification
  3. Original transcripts of all college work completed at other colleges or universities.
  4. A copy of your driver’s license.
  5. A copy of your social security card.

Please contact the Office of Admissions and Records at (409) 882-3364 if you have questions or need assistance.

  1. Students must meet the following admission requirements to be accepted into the Lamar State College Orange Pharmacy Technology Program:
    1. Possess a high-school diploma or a GED certificate.
    2. Be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age.
    3. Complete the Pharmacy Technology Program Application.
    4. Be recommended by the Program Director or designee for admissions.
    5. Obtain a clear background check through Viewpoint. Applications cannot be processed without a background check.
    6. Register with Texas State Board of Pharmacy as a tech in training, obtain and submit fingerprints for background check. A social security number and a driver's license or state-issued identification to complete this step. 

Pharmacy Technology students must possess the physical abilities and characteristics required to meet technical standards. Students accepted into the program must meet the following requirements.

  1. Students must provide written documentation of the following before being allowed to begin clinical pharmacy learning experiences:
    1. A negative Tuberculin Skin Test and/or chest x-ray to show they do not have active TB – Date to be announced.
    2. A negative drug screening for illicit drugs. – Date to be announced.
  2. Students are responsible for their own health care needs.
  3. If a student is injured or exposed to a communicable disease during clinical pharmacy experience, the instructor will be notified immediately. The student should be prepared to pay costs involved for necessary care.
  4. Students are not to discuss personal medical problems with physicians or pharmacists during clinical pharmacy experiences.
  5. At the discretion of the Program Director, a student may be required to supply a physician’s statement regarding their physical and/or emotional fitness to continue in the program.
  6. It is expected that students report to retail, institutional, and long-term pharmacies for clinical experiences physically and mentally healthy. Students in any state of health that would jeopardize the welfare of the pharmacy staff or patients will not be allowed to remain and will have the day recorded as an absence. Students will not be assigned alternate, non-pharmacy assignment in lieu of being sent home.


Pregnant Pharmacy Technology Students may be inadvertently exposed to materials which may be hazardous for the mother and the unborn child (i.e. chemotherapy, hormones and other materials), and this fosters the need for disclosure of pregnancy by the student to the practicum instructor and to the practicum preceptor.

  1. A student who is pregnant may remain in the program as long as: 
    1. Pregnant students must be able to meet all program objectives including attendance. Reasonable accommodations in assignment will be made as long as they are consistent with course objectives.
    2. A physician’s clearance stating that the student can participate fully both in the practicum and classroom setting is required both at the onset of the pregnancy and upon returning to class after delivery. The student must provide a written statement of continued physician approval for her participation after each physician visit.
    3. Any absence related to the pregnancy will require a physician’s clearance to return to class.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be notified of acceptance or rejections within four weeks. Once you have been accepted, you will receive a letter of acceptance via email that will allow you to register for your Pharmacy Technology courses.

Instructions for Obtaining your Background Check for Clinical Education Program

The Lamar State College-Orange Pharmacy Technology Program requires background checks on incoming students to insure the safety of the patients treated by students in the program. You will be required to order your background check in sufficient time for it to be reviewed by the program director prior to registering for the dental assisting program. A background check typically takes 3 normal business days to complete. Your order must be placed online through Viewpoint.

  • How long does the report take to complete? Most reports are completed within 3 business weekdays.
  • Does Viewpoint need every street address where I have lived over the past 7 years? No. Just the city and state.
  • I have been advised that I am being denied entry into the program because of information on my report and that I should contact Viewpoint. Where should I call? Call Viewpoint's Adverse Action hotline at 800-203-1654. Adverse Action is the procedure established by the Fair Credit Reporting Act that allows you to see the report and to dispute anything reported.
  • I have a criminal record. What should I do? Disclose the crime on your application.


  • The vendor will notify LSCO Program Director of all individuals who fail a criminal background check.
  • Verification sent by the vendor to LSCO will include only the student’s name and social security number.
  • The LSCO Pharmacy Program Director will send verification on adherence to the policy to the clinical affiliate prior to the clinical rotation start date. Verification is accomplished by sending a letter from the Department of Pharmacy on letterhead stating that these standards have been met by the student, listing the student’s full name and clinical rotation start date. If more than one student is attending a clinical rotation, a comprehensive list with all of the student’s names may be submitted.

Drug Screen Policy

In accordance with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacist and the requirement of its clinical affiliates, the Lamar State College Orange Pharmacy Technology Program requires a negative drug screen before starting clinical rotations. This policy also affirms the federal Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989, and other applicable legislation that assures the safety and health of its students during their educational experiences. Drug and alcohol abuse affects the responsible conduct of business, teaching, and learning and therefore will not be tolerated.

  1. Students may not attend clinical without submitting the results of a negative drug screen. Students are responsible for the cost incurred for the drug screen(s). This can be done with your primary care physician or at an Urgent Care facility. The due date for the negative drug screen can be found in the clinical syllabus for PHRA 2360–Clinical I.
    1. Students that do not submit a negative drug screen by date stated in syllabus will be dropped from the Program. NO LATE DRUG SCREEN ACCEPTED. No retesting will be allowed.
    2. Students may not attend clinical while taking a controlled substance. If a medical/surgical condition occurs during the course of enrollment in the Pharmacy Technology Program, which warrants the prescription of a “controlled substance” (Schedules I-V of Section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act) by a licensed medical practitioner, the student will incur a clinical absence.
  2. Students may be subjected to random drug screens at their own expense at any time during their course of enrollment in the Pharmacy Technology Program. Failure to comply will result in dismissal from the Program.
  3. The Pharmacy Technician Department understands some individuals are required to be on prescribed controlled substances. (I.e. Ritalin, etc.)  These students will be considered for clinical only after meeting with the program director and the Dean of Health Workforce and Technical Studies. The director will decide whether a student with a prescribed controlled substance can go to clinical.
Drug screening will generally be honored for the time the student is in the program unless there is a break in enrollment, defined as being out for one full semester. However, students may be required to test on a more frequent basis depending on the requirements of the clinical rotation site in which they are placed to meet their learning objectives.
A positive drug screen is any instance in which a drug screening report shows a positive test for one or more of the drugs on the panel. Any student with a positive drug screen will not be given placement in any clinical facility and will be withdrawn from the program.
Drug screening reports and all records pertaining to the results are considered confidential information with restricted access. The results and records are subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations.

Texas State Board of Pharmacy Technician in Training Registration Information

The Texas State Board of Pharmacy has implemented requirements for Pharmacy Technician Trainees concerning registration with the Board prior to working or gaining experiential hours in any pharmacy setting. As a part of the registration process, Technician Trainees must pass a criminal background check and fingerprinting conducted by the State Board of Pharmacy. The fees incurred for the background check and finger printing are the sole responsibility of the student. This is in addition to the background check that you are required to submit for admission into the Pharmacy Technology Program.

  • An individual may only register once as a pharmacy technician trainee.
  • Pharmacy technician trainee registration expires two years from the date of registration and may NOT be renewed.
  • Applicants for pharmacy technician trainee registration shall:
    • Have a high school or equivalent diploma or be working towards a high school or equivalent diploma for no longer than two years;
    • Complete the Texas application for registration
    • Submitting all documentation necessary for the Board to review the criminal history record, including fingerprint information and paying required fees.

Technician trainees must submit an online application to the Board through the following steps:

  • Visit the Texas State Board of Pharmacy’s website:
  • Click on Pharmacy Technicians & Trainees,
  • Click on Pharmacy Technician Trainee Registration Application.
  • Students must fully disclose their entire criminal history and provide open and completely honest answers to each question. Failure to be as honest as possible may significantly delay your completion of the registration process.

Registration is required of all Technician Trainees in the State of Texas. If items appear on your record, you may be contacted by the State Board to supply further information or to appear before the Board.
This process can be lengthy and time-consuming. You may wish to seek legal representation as a part of the process.

Guidelines used by the Board for the granting of registration are below. Please read them carefully. If, after reviewing these guidelines, you have questions concerning your criminal background and eligibility, please contact the State Board of Pharmacy directly. You may contact them online at; their phone number is (512) 305-8000.

  • Registered pharmacy technician trainees must complete all of the requirements for pharmacy technician registration, including acquiring certification by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, within the two year trainee registration period.
  • Upon successful completion of this program, individuals may apply to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (PTCE) to qualify as a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT). Passing this examination is required to become a registered pharmacy technician in Texas.

According to Chapter 568 of the Texas Pharmacy Act, the Texas State Board of Pharmacy may determine not to issue a pharmacy technician trainee or pharmacy technician registration or renew a pharmacy technician registration and may suspend or revoke any pharmacy technician or trainee registration if the applicant or registrant has any of the following:

  1. violated any rules pertaining to Pharmacy Technician Registration
  2. engaged in gross immorality, as that term is defined by the rules of the board
  3. engaged in any fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation, as those terms are defined by the rules of the board, in seeking registration to act as a pharmacy technician
  4. been convicted of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude (i.e. spousal abuse, child abuse, extortion, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, sexual assault, etc.)
  5. been convicted of a felony
  6. a drug or alcohol dependency
  7. violated:
    • Chapter 481 or 483, Health and Safety Code, or rules relating to those chapters
    • Sections 485.031-485.035, Health and Safety Code; or
    • A rule adopted under Section 485.011, Health and Safety Code
  8. Violated the pharmacy or drug laws or rules of this state, another state, or the United States
  9. Had a registration as a pharmacy technician issued by another state revoked, surrendered, or suspended for conduct substantially equivalent to conduct described by Subdivisions 1-6.”

For further information, please contact the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. Any issues which may affect potential registration must be resolved directly with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. The Pharmacy Technology program is NOT involved in the registration process for pharmacy technician trainee or for pharmacy technician.

Instructions for Obtaining your Background Check for a Clinical Education Program

Background checks are required on incoming students to ensure the safety of the patients treated by students in the clinical education program. The background checks are conducted by Viewpoint, a firm specializing in background checks for healthcare workers. 

Complete all required fields as prompted and hit Continue to enter your payment information. The payment can be made securely online with a credit or debit card.  

Viewpoint will not use your information for any other purposes other than the services ordered. Your credit will not be investigated, and your name will not be given out to any businesses.

Estimated Expenses

First Semester (14 credit hours) $2505.00
Liability Insurance - Required Collected with Registration Fees 50.00
Second Semester (16 credit hours) 2825.00
Textbooks (PHRA Courses only) 590.00
Tuberculin Skin Test 15.00
Drug Screen 40.00
Uniform(s)/shoes 180.00
Name Pin 6.00
Background Check (Viewpoint) 53.28
TSBP- Technician in Training Registration 55.00
Fingerprint Fee 50.00
Cap and Gown 52.98

Expenses are based on fall 2022 estimates. Future amounts may be different.
*All first-time college students are required to take a College Success Course which is an additional three credit hours.

Registration information for Pharmacy Technology classes may be obtained from the Office of Advising and Counseling, located in the Ron E. Lewis Library, room 355 or by calling (409) 882-3340.

Admission Policies

Students achieving an academic or clinical failure or who have withdrawn or been dismissed from the Pharmacy Technology Program may apply for readmission. Readmission may be provided if space is available. Conditions under which persons may be considered for readmission to the program:

  1. Recommendation by the faculty, at the time of failure, that the student be considered eligible for readmission.
  2. The student must apply in writing to the Program Director for readmission within two (2) years from the time of leaving the program.
  3. The student may be required to participate in and show proof of learning activities prescribed by the Pharmacy Faculty which should assist the student in correcting identified deficiencies that may have impeded performance.
  4. Students who wait to reapply until a later application period will not be eligible for admittance to the program because Texas Board of Pharmacy regulations mandate pharmacy technician trainee registration expires two years after initial registration and is NOT renewable.

The student is responsible for having his/her application file current i.e., transcripts, test results, etc.

Denial of Re-Admission

Re-admission to the Pharmacy Technology Program may be denied to any student who has:

  • Had a second opportunity in the pharmacy program due to academic failure.
  • A physical or emotional problem that places the student and/or patients in jeopardy.
  • Failed to comply with probation requirements.
  • Failed the first level of the Program. Being accepted to the program once does not guarantee automatic re-admission.
  1. The program director has the right to initiate the administrative withdrawal of any student whose attendance, conduct, scholastic abilities, or lack of aptitude for the role of the pharmacy technician makes it inadvisable for the student to continue in the program. This includes, but is not limited to, a randomly acquired screening for alcohol or illicit drugs.
  2. Students considering withdrawal from classes or the pharmacy technology program should talk to the director for withdrawal or reentry information. When a student does drop a course but does not follow the College drop or withdrawal policy, an “F” will appear on the transcript.
  3. Immediate dismissal from the Pharmacy Technology Program will follow documented evidence of the following:
    1. Failure to notify the program chair of a change in criminal record or drug/alcohol dependency at any time during the Pharmacy Technology program course of study.
    2. The Texas State Board of Pharmacy revokes or suspends pharmacy technician trainee registration at any time during the Pharmacy Technology program course of study.
    3. Failure to meet program attendance standards
    4. Willful lying or deceit.
    5. Verbal or physical abuse of patients, instructors, or pharmacy personnel.
    6. Falsification.
    7. Academic dishonesty.
    8. Theft of any personal or company property
    9. Working under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs.
    10. Insubordination to faculty or pharmacy personnel.
    11. Unethical conduct or unsafe performance of the training duties of the pharmacy technician.
      1. Violating or threatening the physical, psychological, microbiological, chemical, or thermal safety of the client.
      2. Violating previously mastered principles/ learning objectives in carrying out delegated pharmacy technician functions.
      3. Assuming inappropriate independence in actions or decisions.
      4. Failing to recognize own limitations, incompetence, and/or legal responsibilities.
      5. Failing to accept moral and legal responsibility for his/her own actions; thereby violating the professional integrity of the pharmacy technician.
      6. Falsifying or altering academic records, medical records, and prescription orders.
      7. Representing yourself as a Pharmacist.
      8. Engaging in dispensing, counseling, supervising other supportive personnel or other duties only belonging to a registered pharmacist.
      9. Unlawful or unauthorized delivery of any prescription to anyone but the patient or his/her agent.
      10. Accepting monetary compensation for fulfilling or not fulfilling technician duties during clinical.
      11. Unauthorized distribution, delivery, or possession of any prescription, controlled substance, or illegal drug on clinical site premises and classroom.

Other Information

Because of possible conflict of interest, students are not allowed to process or have processed any personal or family prescriptions at their clinical site during the clinical period. Students dismissed for unsafe clinical performance are not eligible to return to the program. Students subject to penalty due to academic dishonesty have the right to appeal to the department chair and eventually to the Dean and/or Academic Vice President before imposition of the penalty. Students dismissed for the above reasons are not eligible to continue in the program or repeat classes in pursuit of a certificate in Pharmacy Technology.

Next Steps