AITP Benefits

AITP offers opportunities to attend training conferences, share expertise from others in the community and receive updates on the changes in information technology. Come view the world through the eyes of technology.


Professional Members

Professional members are those individuals who are currently employed in the information technology field, including managers, service providers and educators.

Student Members

Students majoring in information technology, computer science, management information systems or related computer fields are considered student members.

Interim Members

Interim members are former students with the same rights and privileges of a professional member at a reduced dues rate for three months.

Educational Events

The AITP organization offers opportunities to attend conferences, seminars, online training and much more. Members have the opportunity to network with other information technology specialist, share knowledge and keep updated on new technology. The LSCO Chapter participates in local events on campus and offers information technology training to the community.

Local Events


  • Community benefits from AITP members
  • Free computer class offered to the community


  • Spring Day at LSCO

Contact Info

For more information regarding the LSCO student chapter, please contact:

Diane Dotson
Phone: (409) 882-3038

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