Teachers of Tomorrow By-Laws

ARTICLE I. Organization Name

The name of this organization shall be Teachers of Tomorrow (TOT).

ARTICLE II. Purpose and Functions

Section 1. The purpose of Teachers of Tomorrow (TOT) is to provide LSCO students interested in education an opportunity to interact and communicate with one another. TOT will also provide students with the tools they will need to grow professionally, cultivate a further interest in educationally related topics and provide a service to Lamar State College Orange and the community.

Section 2. The functions of this association shall include the following:

  • To provide an organization to students interested in education, and to encourage participation in meetings and activities.
  • To stimulate interest in education and related areas.
  • To serve as a channel of communication between Lamar State College Orange and the students.
  • To provide students with a mechanism by which they might partake in LSCO and community activities.
  • To sponsor and promote education for its members and to conduct occasional fund-raising activities.

ARTICLE III. Membership

Section 1. Membership is open to any LSCO student interested in education who maintains a minimum 2.0 overall grade point average.

Section 2. Members are required to attend a minimum of two general meeting per semester of the regular monthly club meetings to attain active membership. Failure to attend the meetings may be grounds for removal from membership.

Section 3. Students may have their membership removed for lack of attendance, participation in two club sponsored function per year, or for violating the published Lamar State College Orange student code. Upon evidence of such violations, a majority vote by the members present during a regular meeting may remove a student from the active membership roles.

ARTICLE IV. Officers, Duties, Terms and Vacancies

Section 1. The officers of this organization shall consist of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and the public relations chair.

Section 2. Officer elections shall be held once per year in the fall with the use of secret ballots.

Section 3. Officers must be education majors which is subject to confirmation by the adviser.

Section 4. All officers of this association shall be elected by a majority vote of the members who choose to vote.

Section 5. In the event of a permanent vacancy of the presidency, the vice-president shall assume the additional duties of the presidency until the next regular election in the fall.

Section 6. Duties of the Officers

The President shall:

  • Preside at meetings of this organization. Appoint chairperson of standing committees, subject to approval of the advisor. Have authority to call special meetings of the organizations and committees. Prepare the agenda for all meetings.
  • Have knowledge of the function of the committees and program activities.

The Vice-President shall:

  • Assume the duties of the president in the absence of/or at the request of the president. Function as coordinator of the committee activities. Assume responsibilities of and preside over officer elections.
  • Represent the association to other student organizations.

The Secretary shall:

  • Record the business and planning of the organization. Keep on file in an orderly fashion the business which has been transacted during the meetings. Keep a register of all members for roll call and business purposes. Provide the minutes of the previous meeting at each regular meeting.
  • Provide records of all organization correspondence.

The Treasurer shall:

  • Collect, deposit and disperse funds. Keep accurate records of all monetary transactions of the organization.
  • Submit an oral and written report at each meeting.

The Public Relations Chair shall:

  • Be responsible for advertising and promoting the organization. Be responsible for posting and removal of fliers on bulletin boards. Be responsible for sending organization correspondences through MyLSCO system or by mail to officers and members with the approval of advisers.
  • Be responsible for fund raising.

Section 7. If any office shall become vacant for any reason, including resignation or removal, the president may appoint a member to assume the office until the next business meeting. If the presidency becomes vacant, the vice-president shall immediately assume the office of the president for the balance of the term of office and may appoint a member to assume the office of vice-president. The appointee will be approved and open for votes at the next regular business meeting.

ARTICLE V. Meetings

Section 1. General meetings of this association shall be held once a month. The executive committee shall set the dates, time and place of the meetings at the beginning of the semester.

Section 2. Special meetings of this association may be called at the president's discretion with a 24-hour notice.

Section 3. A majority of officers and any number of members attending a general meeting or duly called special meeting shall constitute a majority at meetings of the association.

Section 4. The president may not vote except in the case of a tie.

Section 5. Members in good standing of this association shall be entitled to vote at all meetings of the association.

Section 6. Public relations may call meetings of their committees as necessary.

Section 7. The fiscal and administrative year of this association shall begin on January 31 of each year.

ARTICLE VI. Finances

Section 1. Annual dues for this organization shall be $5.00 beginning January 31, 2005.

Section 2. Dues shall be paid on or before January 31 of the spring semester and September 30 of the fall semester and provide membership in this organization until the due date of the following year. Each member will be required to pay dues only once a year. The treasurer shall notify students failing to pay membership dues and those not paying by ten (10) class days after the due date shall be removed from the membership roll.

Section 3. Financial expenditures of the organizations' money shall be authorized by a majority approval by vote of club members at a meeting previous to the expenditure.

ARTICLE VII. Amendments to the By-Laws

These by-laws may be changed (amended or repealed) at any regular or called meeting of the Lamar State College Orange TOT organization. Proposed changes shall be presented in writing at a regular meeting. A motion must be passed to place the proposed changes on the agenda of the next regular meeting. A majority vote of those present will be sufficient to approve changes and/or amendments.

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