Challenge Exams

Challenge exams, a form of credit by examination, are administered by appointment. The student must complete an Application for Credit by Examination, available in the Testing Center, obtain appropriate signature and remit $25 payment to the cashier prior to testing. Challenge exam candidates must have approval from their department heads and deans of their colleges. Examinees must achieve grades of "B" or better on the exams to obtain credit for the courses. These exams may be taken only once, unless otherwise approved by the division chair or vice president for academic affairs.

A student who is currently enrolled in a course or has received a grade (passing or failing) in a course may not take an advanced standing examination in that course. Credit earned by examination is not granted or transcripted if the student does not enroll at LSCO and complete at least one course subsequent to earning credit by exam. The fee for posting credit by examination to a student's transcript is $25 per credit hour.

Available Exams

  • Biology 1370 - Environmental Science
  • Criminal Justice 1301 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • English 1301 - Composition I
  • English 1302 - Composition II

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LSCO Testing Center

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Phone: (409) 882-3330

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