How to Apply for Aid

More than 75% of college students pay for their education with a combination of grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid. At LSCO, our team is dedicated to helping you find and apply for aid while making the process as straightforward as possible. Through our affordable cost and array of financial aid opportunities, we are committed to supporting your investment in your education and future.

Complete your Financial Aid Application 

Apply for both federal and state financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  You will need to complete the FAFSA each academic year to apply for financial aid. Both English and Spanish versions are available online at Home | Federal Student Aid.  Paper applications are also available in both English and Spanish, however you are encouraged to complete the on-line FAFSA as it is the fastest and easiest way to apply for aid.  

Texas residents who cannot apply for federal financial aid through the FAFSA are encouraged to complete the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA). You will need to complete the TASFA each academic year to apply for state financial aid.  Paper applications are also available in both English and Spanish at  Do not complete TASFA if you completed the FAFSA.  Use the decision tool for additional help deciding which application (TASFA or FAFSA) to complete.

The FAFSA and TASFA forms are available for both the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 year.  Complete the 2023-2024 application for Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 classes.  Complete the 2024-2025 application for Fall 2024-Summer 2025 classes.  The last date to submit your application is June 30th of the academic year that you are applying, however we do not recommend waiting until this date to submit the application as you will not be eligible most aid programs.  Please keep in mind that the institution is unable to process a financial aid package once you are no longer enrolled.  The state priority deadline for the upcoming 2024-2025 year is April 15, 2024, so you are encouraged to complete your FAFSA or TASFA by this date for priority consideration of the state grant programs for the 2024-2025 year.  

Lamar State College Orange's school code is 016748.

Has Your Financial Situation Changed?

If your or your family’s financial situation has changed significantly from what is reflected on your federal income tax return, you may be eligible for a financial aid adjustment. After completing the FAFSA, contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss how your financial situation has changed. While not all students qualify for an adjustment, we strive to assist you in whatever way we can.

Were You Selected for Verification?

Many students are selected for the Federal Verification Process. We are here to answer any questions you may have while completing this requirement.

Financial Aid Forms

Financial Aid Forms

Access LSCO, state and federal financial aid forms to explore all financial resources available to you.

Financial Aid Forms

Types of Aid

Lamar State College Orange and community organizations offer students several types of financial aid. Review details and eligibility qualifications for each type of aid.

Scholarships are available through the LSCO Financial Aid Office and other sources like community organizations, foundations, corporations, local employers, churches, fraternities, sororities, and various non-profit organizations. In order to apply for LSCO specific scholarships, be sure to submit the general scholarship application each Spring for the following award year.


Federal and state grant eligibility is need-based and determined by the FAFSA and other federal and state documents. Learn more about grant availability and eligibility.


Direct loans provide additional opportunities for students needing financial support when paying for college. Loans must be repaid and are either considered subsidized or unsubsidized. We can answer your questions about the loan application process.


LSCO offers reduced and exempted tuition through the Louisiana Reciprocal Out-of-State Tuition Waiver, Texas Hazelwood Act Exemption, and Texas Hazelwood Act Exemption for Continued Enrollment. Learn more about exemption requirements and how to apply.


Students with established financial need are eligible to apply for part-time employment on campus or in the community. Our work-study programs further support an affordable education for LSCO students.

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