Louisiana Reciprocal Out-of-State Tuition Waiver

The Louisiana Reciprocal waiver exemption is to provide a reduced tuition rate for individuals who are residents of Louisiana who enroll in certain public universities in Texas. Students who are residents of states other than Texas must enroll in a Texas public institution located within 100 miles of the Texas border.  Contact the Financial Aid Department's office of Lamar State College Orange on when you plan to attend. They will be able to advise you of their eligibility. The student must be able to provide the college or university with proof that he/she meets the program eligibility requirements. Generally, student eligibility for a waiver must be established prior to or at the time of enrollment. 

Texas Hazlewood Act Exemption Application

The Texas Hazlewood Act Exemption entitles eligible persons to an exemption of tuition and specified fees of up to 150 semester credit hours at public institutions of higher education in Texas. Except for recipients who are the spouse or children of eligible Veterans killed in action, missing in action, or whose death resulted from a service‐related injury or illness; all other Hazlewood recipients meet the grade point average satisfactory academic progress requirements and other requirements of Texas Education Code 

Texas Hazlewood Act Exemption Application For Continued Enrollment

This form will not be used for initial application for the Hazlewood Exemption but may be used for enrollment of students subsequent to initial enrollment at the school in which the student is currently and consistently enrolled.  If a break in enrollment or change of school occurs, then the complete Hazlewood Exemption application must be completed.

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