Attendance Policy for Federal Financial Aid Recipients

Regular class attendance is important to the attainment of students’ educational objectives. Federal regulations require students to begin attendance in courses for which they are receiving federal financial aid dollars. Although Lamar State College Orange (LSCO) is not an attendance taking institution, the institution is required to document students’ academic attendance in courses for which they are receiving federal aid, to finalize the student’s financial aid package.

Faculty members will verify attendance for each student no later than the day following the course census date. Students who register for classes but do not attend or participate as of this date will be reported for non-attendance. Non-attendance in any or all courses may result in the reduction or cancellation of the student’s financial aid. LSCO will return to the Department of Education, any aid the student is ineligible to receive as a result nonattendance, no later than 30 days after the student is reported as not attending.

Attendance is defined as active participation by a student in an instructional activity related to the student's course. Some examples are;

  1. Attending a synchronous class, lecture, recitation, or field or laboratory activity, physically or online, where there is an opportunity for interaction between the instructor and students;
  2. Submitting an academic assignment;
  3. Taking an assessment or an exam;
  4. Participating in an interactive tutorial, webinar, or other interactive computer-assisted instruction;
  5. Participating in a study group, group project, or an online discussion that is assigned by the institution; or
  6. Interacting with an instructor about academic matters; and

Attendance does not include;

  1. Logging into an online class or tutorial without any further participation; or
  2. Participating in academic counseling or advisement.

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