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New Student Checklist – A “How To” Guide to LSCO

  1. Complete Application for Admission
    • Online at www.applytexas.org OR in person in Admissions OR www.lsco.edu under future students
    • Information available online: Admission Requirements. Visit admissions on 3rd floor of library or call 409-882-3364.    
    • Turn in Copy of Driver’s License 
    • Submit meningitis shot records for those under 22 years of age through Magnus Health 877-461-6831 or service@magnushealthportal.com at least 10 days Prior to first day of classes
    • Dental Assisting and Pharmacy Tech require Pre-admission testing and additional application process
      • See an advisor for more information.
    • Send in all transcripts:
      • Official High School/GED
        • See additional info needed if you do not have High School Diploma or GED or if you are an International Student
      • Official Colleges/Universities
  2. Take placement exams for Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Law or entrance exams, if needed
    • TSI Assessment for programs with 43 hours or more, if not TSI Exempt or Complete. See the LSCO Catalog for exemptions.   
    • TSI is waived for programs with 42 hours (Level I Certificates). See an advisor for more information.
  3. Apply for Financial Aid as early as possible
    • Apply online at www.fafsa.ed.gov as soon as you have completed your income tax from the previous year.
    • Visit www.lsco.edu/financialaid/financialaid.asp for additional info.  You may visit the Financial Aid Office on the 3rd floor of the library or call 409-882-3317.
    • Inquire about scholarships.
    • Verify status with financial aid prior to payment due date.
  4. Retrieve your LSCO Student NetID
    • Why should you retrieve your LSCO NetID?  Allows access to your Office365 Account (Email and software downloads), Allows access to on-line classes (personal messages, campus announcements), Allows access to on-campus PC's.
    • Visit www.lsco.edu, Click on the "quick links" down arrow; click on "NetID Retrieval" link
      • Need Campus ID (R800#######), PIN (DOB-MM/DD/YY format) and last 4 digits of SSN#
      • Help Desk 409-882-3033 M-F 8am-5pm or visit room 101 in the Academic Center.
  5. You must meet with an Academic Advisor if you are new, on probation, have holds, desire classes preset at 0 capacities, or under TSI.
    • For pre-advisement prior to registration dates or
    • During registration dates to be advised and/or to register for classes
      • Walk ins only 3rd floor of library in Advisement Center
      • Bring copies of transcripts, if applicable
      • Bring TSI Assessment scores, if applicable
        • Present DD214’s for possible Military Exemptions, if applicable
      • Be aware of classes needed at any schools you plan to transfer
      • New freshmen/Never attended college students are required to take COLLEGE SUCCESS.  Open to others, if desired.
      • Inquire about accommodations needed (See #14 for more info) or assistance with daycare
      • Inquire about college credit through classes taken at other colleges/universities, AP, CLEP or other credit by exams
      • Complete career assessment if you are unsure of a major. All taking College Success will do a career assessment
      • A wonderful resource to research careers: www.onetonline.org
      • If you have no holds, and have over 15 hours, we recommend you meet with your faculty advisor in the area of your study and you may register yourself.  It is important to develop the relationship with your faculty advisor.
      • Register yourself for classes on Self Service for Students!  Refer to course recommendation sheet from your advisor.
      • Your advisor will release any applicable holds. Use schedule of classes online to make your schedule and not the published schedule of class book (because it is not a “real time” indication of class availability). 
  6. Review current official catalog for Policy and Procedure. 
  7. Pay Tuition and fees
    • Pay by due date
      • Online on Student Services
      • Cashiers 3rd floor of library
      • See cashiers regarding installment plan, if needed.
      • If you are on financial aid, verify it will pay by due date.  If not, see financial aid for short term loan.
      • Louisiana residents need to sign a Louisiana Reciprocal Exemption for in state tuition. Call 409-882-3364 for more info.
  8. Obtain Picture ID in Admissions and Parking permit in Student Center   
    • Pay tuition and provide license plate number and ID for Parking Permit
  9. Buy your textbooks
    • Book Store located on campus
    • The Book Store at LSCO is online and you may look up needed books there!  You can find them at http://www.lsco.edu.  Click the Current Students tab, then click on Book Store and then Visit our Online Bookstore.
  10. Attend Student Orientation: Call 409-882-3955 for dates and times.

  11. Review Blackboard
  12. Get involved!
    • Find out more about student organizations and student government online under Current Students.
  13. Take advantage of the Learning Center.
    • Located in library room 113.
  14. Students with Disabilities 
    • If you are a student with a disability you must meet with the Disability Support Services (DSS) counselor to request assistance and receive accommodations.
    • You must provide documented support of your disability in the form of high school records (i.e., senior level ARD and FIE), current psychological evaluation or medical records which are signed by an appropriate professional and meet set criteria.
    • As a student in higher education, you will need to advocate for yourself. You need to understand your particular strengths and weaknesses and any concerns, so you will be able to communicate what accommodations work best for you.
    • In the college/university setting assignments and tests cannot be modified. Accommodations are made for a specific, documented disability and how that disability functionally limits you individually.
    • Accommodations are provided on a semester-to-semester basis, so the student must obtain a new set of accommodation memos at the beginning of each semester. They cannot be retroactive, so accommodation memos should be hand delivered to each instructor/professor during their office hours in the first week of each semester. Instructors have up to two weeks to implement the accommodations after you submit the accommodation memo.
    • The DSS Office staff, services, equipment, and accommodations are available to assist you and provide access, but you are responsible for your success!
  15. Start planning for next semester. 
    • Meet with an advisor to review needed classes.
    • Keep track of degree plans, class prerequisites, classes offered once a year, etc.  Prepare to retake classes you are not passing.
    • If you need developmental course work, you must register for them until you are complete with all of them.
    • Be aware of registration dates.  Avoid missing needed classes and wait time in advising by registering EARLY!  The later you wait, the longer you will wait to be seen by an advisor and there are fewer classes available.
    • Consider taking summer or mini class to get ahead! They are a fast and efficient way to complete courses.
    • Meet with your instructor and an advisor if you are not doing well in classes ASAP.
    • Attend Success Seminars.  They are very beneficial and help students develop a variety of academic skills!