Protections for Pregnant and Parenting Students

Students Who Are Parents or Legal Guardians

LSCO defines a “parenting student” as one who is a parent or legal guardian of a child/children under 18 years old.  

Pregnant or parenting students will not be required to do any of the following at LSCO solely because of the student’s status as a pregnant or parenting/legal guardian student of a child/children under 18 years of age: 

  • take a leave of absence or withdraw from the student’s degree or certificate program;
  • limit the student’s studies;
  • participate in an alternative program;
  • change the student’s major, degree, or certificate program; or
  • refrain from joining or cease participating in any course, activity, or program

Reasonable Accommodations

LSCO will provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant students that would be provided to a student with a temporary medical condition, or that are related to the health and safety of the student and the student’s unborn child. These may include, but not be limited to allowing the pregnant student to maintain a safe distance from substances, areas, and activities known to be hazardous to pregnant women or unborn children. 


For reasons related to a student’s pregnancy, childbirth, or any resulting medical status or condition, as documented by a medical provider, LSCO will: 

  • excuse the student’s absence;
  • allow the student to make up missed assignments or assessments within a reasonable timeframe, as determined by the department; and
  • allow the student additional time to complete assignments in the same manner as LSCO allows for a student with a temporary medical condition; and
  • providing students instructional materials that are made available to any other student with an excused absence.

Leave of Absence

LSCO will allow a pregnant or parenting student to: 

  • take a leave of absence; and
  • if in good academic standing at the time the student takes a leave of absence, return to the student’s degree or certificate program in good standing without being required to reapply for admission.

Campus Liaison and Supportive Measures

Lamar State College Orange has designated the Accessibility Coordinator to serve as a campus liaison to current or incoming students of the College who are the parent or guardian of a child younger than 18 years of age. The Accessibility Coordinator is located in the LSCO Advising Office, Room 116 of the Ron Lewis Library, (409)882-3393. The liaison will provide these students information regarding support services and other resources available to the students at the institution, including resources to access: 

  • medical and behavioral health coverage and services; and 
  • public benefit programs, including programs related to:
  • food security
  • affordable housing, and housing subsidies; 
  • parenting and child care resources; 
  • employment assistance; 
  • transportation assistance; 
  • student academic success strategies; and 
  • any other resources developed by the institution to assist the students.

Requesting Accommodations, Excused Absences, or Leave of Absence

A student seeking accommodations, excused absences, requesting to make-up missed classes or assignments, or a leave of absence related to pregnancy or parenting, will need to complete an Accommodation Request Form and provide official documentation from the student’s physician/medical provider. This accommodation request form will be reviewed by LSCO’s Accessibility Coordinator. Documentation must include dates for absences requesting to be excused and a statement that absences are deemed medically necessary and/or additional documentation to support the need for absences.

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