Gator Pass

What is Gator Pass?

Gator Pass is an early alert system designed to connect students who may be struggling with academic or personal difficulties with the resources they need to assist them in succeeding in their courses.

Students who are referred to Gator Pass will be contacted by the Gator Success Specialist to evaluate their situation and determine the best way to assist the student. Students will then be directed to the appropriate resource that can best help the student achieve success. 

Resources referred to can include, but are not limited to: 

  • Tutoring with the Gator Success Center or Upswing
  • Meeting with an advisor
  • Disability Support Services
  • Counseling on personal, family, or financial issues
  • Referrals to local resources for other non-academic issues

Guidance for Submitting a Gator Pass

Below are a few guidelines and FAQs when it comes to Gator Pass.

If you have questions not covered here, please reach out to

Any current faculty or staff member of LSCO can submit a Gator Pass referral for any student who they feel could use further resources to succeed. Faculty and staff can find the Gator Pass form by logging in to MyGator and searching for the Gator Pass card.

A Gator Pass should be submitted as soon as a student in your course, or that you have frequent contact with, is showing signs of distress that could keep them from succeeding in their coursework. The earlier the alert, the more time the Gator Pass team has to work with the student to help them achieve success.  

Common reasons for referring a student to Gator Pass include:

  • Excessive absences/Infrequent course login
  • Missed coursework
  • Non-passing scores on assignments/exams
  • Change in student behavior
  • Knowledge of personal/family difficulties

While Gator Pass staff do their best to help students with a large variety of concerns, there are a few situations where submitting a Gator Pass is not the best way to assist the student. 

  • Any situation where a Title IX report must be filed. As soon as you become aware that the student's concern is of a Title IX variety, please follow campus Title IX reporting guidelines
  • Drop/Withdrawal Advising submitted the week before or after the semester's established drop/withdrawal deadline. Early intervention is not possible at that point in the semester, and the student should work with their advisor to determine their best course of action. 

Hopefully, if the student has missed assignments or earned non-passing scores on exams, the instructor has already filled out a Gator Pass to connect that student to support resources.

Drop/Withdrawal Advising should be suggested if the student has a strong chance of not succeeding in the course, even after these interventions.

The Gator Pass team will continue to support the student academically, but the case will also be referred to an advisor so that the student can be made aware of their options should they need to drop/withdraw and the impact it can make on things like their financial aid.

The Gator Pass team can do its job best when the referral has as much detailed information as possible. Please include the following:

  • Who you are and your contact information
  • Who the student is, their full R800#, and the course and section number (if applicable)
  • The details of why the Gator Pass is being submitted
  • The urgency of the report 
    • Normal - Student is struggling but still has time to recover.
    • Critical - Student is in immediate danger of failing the course.


The Gator Pass team will contact the student directly, in addition to notifying the Dual Credit coordinators and High School Counselors.

The Gator Success Specialist receives the report and takes action on it within the first 48 business hours. 

The Specialist attempts to contact the student. Once contact is made, the Specialist takes in all the details of the situation and assigns the case to the appropriate resource. 

The person assigned to the case works with the student and reports progress back to the Specialist.

The specialist sends a semester summary to anyone who submitted a report at the end of each semester.

Certainly! If after you've submitted the first Gator Pass you are not seeing improvement, please submit another Gator Pass. These supplemental passes let us know if our efforts are working or if we need to change our approach.

Gator Success Center (GSC) Tutoring is the recommendation you select if you believe your student would benefit from help from one of the GSC tutors. 

GPS (QEP) Required tutoring is only an option for instructors who are participating in the required tutoring aspect of the QEP. If you are interested in participating in the GPS Tutoring program, please reach out to


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