Faculty Handbook

From: Executive Vice President (EVP) of Student and Academic Affairs/Provost and Faculty Senate Executive Council

To: Members of the Faculty

Lamar State College Orange is an exciting and dynamic teaching and learning institution! We are pursuing the goal of student success and engagement in everything we do!

This handbook provides you with current information about many topics of importance. It is reviewed on an annual basis by the Executive Vice President/Provost, Deans, and Faculty Senate Executive Council. Some policies and procedures within this version of the Faculty Handbook are still under the review of the EVP and Faculty Senate Executive Council.

This handbook intends to include policies and procedures, and answers to many questions. Although it does not purport to be a comprehensive, self-contained policy document, it does attempt to provide a wide range of up-to-date information. You can also reference the LSCO Administrative Policies and Procedures Handbook for policies and procedures which apply to all employees, including non-faculty. An electronic version of both handbooks is located within the Lamar State College Orange Blackboard site.

This Faculty Handbook (pdf) is not a contract, and Lamar State College Orange reserves the right to amend, rescind, or alter the provisions of the handbook at any time. In instances in which necessary changes are made, however, an amended handbook and synopsis of the change(s) will be shared with the faculty upon implementation of the revision. In the event of conflict between this handbook and the Lamar State College Orange Administrative Policies and Procedures Handbook, any rule or policy of the Texas State University System Rules and Regulations, the latter rule or policy will prevail.

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