Customized Training

Training Provided

The Community and Workforce Education staff will develop training based on the specific needs of local industries and businesses, enabling workers to operate efficiently and effectively at their present positions and future assignments. By providing quality, customized training locally, current employees will have more opportunities to improve their skills and be prepared to meet the needs of their employers as those needs change in years to come.

Costs and Facilities

The cost for each training program provided will be determined individually. Factors that will contribute to the cost include an administration fee, location rental cost, instructor fee, training materials, food and beverages and the number of attendees. Training can be held at the Lamar State College Orange campus or at the business or industry location upon request.

To Request Training

To request customized training, the Community and Workforce Education staff will need the subject of training needed, content description/training objective, number of attendees, date training is needed and the preferred training location. Upon request for customized training, an outline of the course, a cost estimate and a list of possible instructors will be presented to the client for review and approval.

For more information contact:

Community and Workforce Education or 409-882-3321

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