Student Organizations

Student organizations are a great way to meet like-minded students at LSCO. Many of our student organizations offer membership opportunities in one or more groups: professional, religious, academic, honor, or activity. Participation in student organization activities enhances the education of students, and students are strongly encouraged to affiliate with the organization(s) of their choice and participate in the programs.

If you would like any information on these groups, you may contact Amy Moore, Director of Student Life, or the organization's advisor.

Organization Advisor Contact Number E-mail(s)
African American Kingz and Queenz
Association of InformationTechnology Professionals (AITP) Diane Dotson 409-882-3038
Chess Club Raul Martin 409-882-3934
Creative Writing Association Amanda Smith 409-882-3005
Fishing Club
Industrial and Manufacturing Organization Cheryl January 409-882-3048
Lamar Orange Dental Assisting Society (LODAS) Colleen Baker 409-882-3022
LVN Nursing Sherri Foreman 409-882-3308
Pharmacy Technology   409-882-3035  
Phi Theta Kappa Jessica Williams 409-882-3012
Quiz Bowl Team Eric Owens 409-882-3385
Speech and Debate Team      
Student Government Association (SGA) Amy Moore 409-882-3097
Teachers of Tomorrow      
Upward Mobility Nursing Student Organization Mandee Tucker 409-882-3389
Student Veterans Organization, LSCO Dr. Jerry Sanford 409-882-3337

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Tilley Mascot Scholarship Application

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