Gator Assistance Programs

The Gator Assistance Program (GAP) is designed to lessen the financial burden on qualifying Health, Workforce, or Technical students who show a financial need and an ability to benefit from post-secondary education.

Types of assistance include, but are not limited to, Day Care Assistance, Transportation Assistance, and Tools & Equipment Assistance. The GAP is funded through the Carl D. Perkins Grant.

GAP Eligibility Requirements:

  • Majoring in a Health, Workforce, or Technical Studies Program
  • Eligible for the PELL Grant
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA
  • Enrolled in a minimum of six semester hours
  • Must qualify under one or more of the following circumstances:
    • Individual with a disability
    • Individual from an economically disadvantaged family
    • Individual preparing for a non-traditional field (female welder, male nurse, etc.)
    • Single parent, including single pregnant woman
    • Out-of-workforce Individual
    • Individual receiving and/or needing housing assistance
    • Individual who is in, or has aged out of, the Texas foster Care system
    • Individual with a parent who is a member of the armed forces and is on active duty
    • Individual with other barriers to educational achievement, including limited English Proficiency

Awards are based on the Carl D. Perkins-Grant funds budgeted each semester as approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Gator Assistance Program Application Process:

  • Apply and be accepted to Lamar State College Orange and be registered for the semester that assistance is being requested for the semester that assistance is being requested for.
  • Complete the current FAFSA online selecting LSCO as attending institution.
  • Submit the GAP application for the specific assistance needed.
  • GAP begins accepting applications 30 days prior to the first-class day of each semester. The priority deadline for applications is the first day of classes.
  • An acceptance or denial letter will be sent to your student e-mail no later than 15 business days after the first day of classes.

Day Care Assistance Details:

  • Day Care Assistance is designed to lessen the financial cost of day care.
    The 2023-2024 rates are:
    Infants through Age 1 - $60.00 weekly
    Age 2 through Age 6 - $50.00 weekly
    Age 7 through Age 12 - $40.00 weekly 
  • The student is responsible for selecting a day care provider. Students may choose to utilize a family member, friend, or day care center. Please Search Texas Child Care to find licensed child care providers and review their history.
  • GAP is limited to three dependents per family; infant to 12 years old
  • School Holidays will not be covered by GAP. The child must attend a minimum of one day per week, for that week to be paid by GAP.
  • Effective Spring 2024, payments are made by direct deposit to the student once per month after the invoice is submitted by the student. Student is responsible for paying their childcare on time. GAP is a reimbursement.  
  • Day care funding from other sources must be Day care funding cannot be awarded from another source and Gator Assistance Program (Perkins funds) at the same time.
  • If you do not qualify for Day Care Assistance through Lamar State College Orange, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance through Texas Child Care Solutions. 
  • Apply for Day Care Assistance

Transportation Assistance Details:

  • Student will receive a monthly amount ranging from $50 - $100, totaling $250 - $400 a semester, dependent upon the miles traveled.  
  • Limited to students who drive 20 or more miles to attend clinicals and/or class on 20 mile minimum is based on a round trip calculation from home address to clinical/campus.
  • Requires mileage log sheets to be completed and submitted monthly by the due date.
  • Failure to turn in log sheet by the due date will forfeit payment for that month. 
  • Students will receive funds through Direct Deposit once mileage log has been submitted.
  • Apply for Transportation Assistance

Tools & Equipment Assistance details:

  • Tools & Equipment Assistance is designed to lessen the financial burden of purchasing costly equipment required for a program.
  • Limited to the number of tools available or available funds.
  • Requires signing of the Tools Assistance Policy. 
  • Must submit itemized receipts with application.
  • Maximum reimbursement is $250 per semester.
  • Payment is made by direct deposit to the student once approved for the Tools/Supplies assistance.
  • Tools/Equipment Assistance

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