Zero Cost Textbooks

Course List

Course Instructor
BGMT 1301 Busby
BIOL 1306 McClure
BIOL 1307 McClure
BIOL 1308 McClure
BIOL 1309 McClure
BIOL 2420 Song
BUSI 1301 Busby
BUSI 2301 Busby
ENGL 1301 Sizemore
ENGL 1302 Sizemore
ENGL 2331 Whitehead
GEOL 1403 Stelly
GEOL 1404 Stelly
GEOL 1303 Stelly
GOVT 2305 Ewer, Lindsey, Little
GOVT 2306 Ewer, Lindsey, Little
HIST 1301 Owens, Durso, Kibbe
HIST 1302 Owens, Robinson, White
PSYC 2301 Moreau
SOCI 1301 Ewer, Martin

In most cases, courses offering zero cost textbooks are using versions available online. For information on where to find the textbook for a specific course, please contact the course instructor. 

Students wanting to purchase print copies of their zero cost textbook can visit the LSCO Print Shop located in the Workforce Education Building. Please bring the OER Print Request form with you when you visit.

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